Andrea Gabrieli for Igor Stravinsky (Venice, 15 April 1971): The Choice of Sandro Dalla Libera



Steawinsky, Funerals, Venice, Sandro Dalla Libera, Andrea Gabrieli


The article provides an innovative point of view on the musical programme organised for Igor Strawinsky's funerals, celebrated in Venice on 15 April 1971. On the basis of new documents and testimonies from Sandro Dalla Libera's archive, now kept at the Cini Foundation in Venice, it reconstructs some phases of the preparation of the event, in particular with regard to the role of Sandro Dalla Libera (1912-1974), well-known organist and scholar of Venetian music, who chose to accompany the ceremony by offering the world television audience some unknown pages by Andrea Gabrieli (1532/3-1585), results of recent rediscoveries.

Author Biography

Luigi Collarile, Research Fellow, Schola Cantorum Basiliensis FHNW, Basel (Switzerland) Lecturer, Bern University of the Arts (Switzerland)

Dr Luigi Collarile (*1972) studied in Padua (Laurea in Lettere and MA in Organ), in Basel (Schola Cantorum Basiliensis, Solistendiplom in Organ) and in Fribourg (PhD in Musicology and Certificat de didactique universitaire). He was research fellow at the Universities of Basel and Fribourg in projects funded by the Swiss National Science Foundation and at the Stiftsarchiv St.Gallen. He taught as visiting professor at the Universities of Roma 2 Tor Vergata, Basel and Venice, and at the High Music School of Lausanne (in Fribourg). In 2017 he obtained the Abilitazione Scientifica Nazionaleas associate professor (Italy). At the present he is visiting professor at the University of Geneva (Switzerland).His main research interests concern to the musical life of early modern Venice, the relationship between music and literature in the Renaissance, the sound experience of the Grand Tour, the history of music printing and publishing. His studies have appeared in international journals (Studi Musicali, Rivista Italiana di Musicologia, Recercare, Revue de Musicolgie, Schweizer Jahrbuch für Musikwissenschaft, Kirchenmusikalisches Jahrbuch etc.) and in several collective volumes.






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