A Last Version of «Napoli milionaria»: Nino Rota's Revision Process after the Spoleto World Première


  • Jonathan Brandani Teatro Comunale del Giglio, Lucca


Nino Rota, Napoli Milionaria, primary sources, revision process, critical reception


This article explores the revision process of Nino Rota's opera Napoli Milionaria following its controversial premiere at the Festival dei Due Mondi of Spoleto in 1977. Despite the initial warm reception by the public, the opera was heavily criticized, leading Rota to undertake significant revisions. The study examines the revisions Rota made, drawing upon a variety of primary sources including handwritten and printed materials from the rehearsal phase, preserved in the Fondo Nino Rota at the Fondazione Giorgio Cini in Venice. Through a detailed comparison of different versions of the musical score and libretto, the research highlights the composer's efforts to enhance the musical and dramaturgical effectiveness of specific scenes. The study reveals the complexity of Rota's revision process, focusing on three main sections: Brigadiere Ciappa's scene in the Finale of Act One, the Peppe o’ Cricco and Amedeo scene in Act Two, and Amalia's aria in Act Three. Additionally, it discusses a discarded revision of the Ragioniere scene in Act Two and other minor interventions. The article underscores the importance of these revisions in understanding Rota's compositional intentions and the impact of critical reception on his work.



2021-01-15 — Updated on 2021-01-15



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